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I decided to go natural around 18 months ago. It was never planned, I literally just had a Britney Spears moment in front of my mirror and starting cutting until I had enough, lol I didn’t do a great job so had to go to the hairdressers the next day to make it all level…


My hair was so short that it no longer could fit into a ponytail, I couldn’t believe I did it but I wasn’t upset nor fazed about having short hair because I knew it will always grow back. Now I’ve decided to put together a blog post on all the natural hair products that I’ve been using over the past few months. These products are what I think works best for me…


Everyone’s hair is different and will react to products different so it was only through trial and error have I now felt comfortable with my hair routine and have something that works for me….


So I occasionally experience a dry scalp which I use Sulphur 8 shampoo and hair grease to combat as I feel it gave me a great result straight away. Aside from that my daily go to products to keep my hair healthy and moisturised are as follows,



Almond oil promoted hair growth and prevents hair loss as well as providing shine to the hair.


Coconut oil Improves hair cuticles and scalp health and is also an aid for hair growth. It improves blood circulation and provides nutrients.


Argon Oil is proven to make hair softer, silkier and shinier and is a great heat protector


Olive Oil is great for naturally conditioning the hair. It promotes scalp health, improves blood circulation and reduces the risk of hair loss.


Black Castor Oil: Improves the density of your hair and stimulates hair growth



Shea Moisture ( Strengthen, Grow and Restore treatment masque mixed with raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner) I also mix an egg, avocado, Olive Oil and karatin treatment into my conditioning mixture then leave it in my hair for 1-2 hours then wash it out.


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  1. Onwuka Winner says:

    This is really nice, i wish i had natural hair but my ”non-natural” hair is very long and i want to maintain it, please can you give hair products that can work for “non-natural hair”?

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